An adventure with a man offering you champagne on the bed and diamonds in the gift can be exciting. But if you want a partner to satisfy you in bed, you should let the hunt go the other way.

Professor Adam Galinsky from Northwestern University in Chicago, says that people with a higher position is more incredible than those with a lower position.

Less money, better in bed
Men with lower wages gives more of himself and do it better in the bedroom. A man will use all his strength to win women's hearts, so that she did not leave him, says Galinsky.

When you can not afford expensive gifts and trysts at the expensive restaurants, you have to impress in a different way.

Moreover, says another study conducted by Psychological Science that men with low and medium wages are more polite than those who have high incomes. Ergo, you have a man who holds the door for you and tells you that you look beautiful at any time of the day, you should choose men with lower income.