Now is the summer here with sun, sea and naked bodies. Here are some tips for men with bright eyes and sand between your toes.

Nine out of ten women are open to be contacted at the beach. This may explain why seven out of ten had a summer flirt. We have collected seven good advice for those who want to use the beach to search for a summer flirt.

1. If there is a small hill on the beach, put you there, so you are visible. Use a one colored towel. The body expert Marc Salem believes women unconsciously associate stripes and patterns with small children.

2. Bring sun cream, sports gear, water mattrass, cooler bag for water bottles and shade.

3. To get washed and combed to the beach can be counterproductive. For many women radiate the uncertainty and desperation. You need not be concerned although it has been a lot of beer and football on TV this summer. In a survey, believed 68% of the surveyed women, that confidence was more important than a well-trained body.

4. Most girls will be at peace when they take sun. Take contact when you stand in line at the ice cream kiosk.

5. A neon colored g-string means, that she is desperate for attention.

6. Praise her figure, eight out of ten women say, that they appreciate getting a compliment about their body. But do not be too specific.

7. Girls are rarely on the beach alone. Go for a trio, three is enough, for they do not feel threatened if you make contact, and when they are 3 girls together, they are also more open for you.

Good summer!